Expert Water Mitigation In Central New York

Keep the water and earth exactly where it should be with seawalls, boulder walls, land drainage, and more

Water Mitigation Services We Offer

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Waves and wakes can erode the shoreline of your waterfront property and create long-term problems. Protect your investment with a beautiful and function seawall installation.

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Boulder Walls

Stabilize your land, defend against soil movement, and bring charm to your yard with a boulder retaining wall. Blends seamlessly into your landscape and delivers years of solid support.

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Drainage Systems

Waterlogged and poorly drained land can cause significant problems with standing moisture, increased insects, dead grass, and even building foundations. We can prepare your land to accept manufactured drainage systems like french drains. 

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Land Drainage

Reshaping your land to improve drainage helps you dry-out and reclaim areas of your property that struggle with water retention or moisture. Whether it's a simple re-grading to improve runoff or excavating drainage ditches, we'll get it done for you.  

Benefits To Our Water Mitigation Services

  • Fix issues with standing water & moisture

  • Reclaim unused areas of your yard

  • Restore functionality to your property

  • Protect house & building foundations

  • Reduce breeding grounds for insects

  • Remediate flooded land

Jason arrived on a Sunday afternoon to give me an estimate on the excavation work we needed done. Jason and crew arrived as scheduled to do the work the following week. CDP Excavating is a highly professional and trustworthy family run small business. I would definitely use CDP again and would recommend them without reservation! Thanks again CDP!

Cassie Ellis | Central New York

Why Should You Work With Us?

Finding a quality water mitigation contractor shouldn't come with hassles, headaches, and heartbreak. We've helped hundreds of customers cleanup their land and bring life back to their property. Here's how we make it easy...

  • Local, family-run, and independently owned means you get good old-fashioned outstanding service

  • We listen to your needs and answer your questions, guiding you through the process

  • Integrity and honesty aren't marketing speak for us, they're essential core values

  • Deeply experienced with water mitigation in Central New York, we know how to ensure your project goes off without a hitch

  • 100% committed to delivering unbelievably-good service to each and every one of our incredible customers (like you!)


Common Questions About Our Water Mitigation Services

Have questions about our water mitigation services? Check out what other people have asked, and if you don't see you question here then get in touch with us!

  • What kinds of water mitigation services do you provide?

    We can help you resolve water issues on your land with a variety of services including:● Seawalls● Boulder Walls● Drainage Systems● Land Drainage

  • What kinds of seawalls can you install?

    All types! We have experience installing steel sheet piles, stone rip-rap, manufactured retaining blocks, and more. If you're curious about installing a specific retaining wall technology, get in touch with our team and we'll be happy to help!

  • Do I need a permit to build a seawall?

    Absolutely yes! Many contractors will not bother to go through the permit process for a seawall, but that's a dangerous mistake. In Central New York, permits for seawalls must be obtained from either (or both) the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Environmental Conservation. Failure to do so can lead to tens of thousands in fines, forced removal of your seawall, and permit refusal for future seawall construction. It's simply not worth the risk to your investment to ignore proper permits. If you're dealing with a contractor who dismisses them, run in the other direction!

  • How much will my water mitigation project cost?

    You might not like this answer, but it depends! Steel sheet piles, for example, are typically more expensive to install than rip-rap or boulder walls. The ultimate cost of your water mitigation project comes down to your product, size, and location (among other factors). In order to get an accurate idea of the cost, get in touch with our team and describe your project!

  • Do you sell seawall and retaining wall systems?

    We happily install seawall and retaining wall products, however we do not sell them.

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