Quick & Easy Land Clearing In Central New York

Bring life back to your property and make it beautifully functional again with our land clearing services, removing everything from thick brush to dense hedgerows

Land Clearing And Cleanup Services We Offer

Restore the use, enjoyment, and beauty of your property by having our friendly crew clean up your land and remove stubborn brush


Exterior Cleanup

Tired of staring at old outbuildings, rusty cars, or building waste on your yard? We get it. Let us clear out the clutter and give you back the use of your property. 


Field Mowing

Cutting the grass and scrub-brush in your field can be a dusty, messy, sweaty job. Skip the soreness and have our team bring the right equipment to do it fast. 


Brush Removal

Why spend days clearing trees and poison ivy when we can do it in a few hours? Don't battle the brush, hire us to conquer your land for you.

Benefits To Our Land Clearing And Cleanup Services

Easier Than DIY

Does spending your weekend hacking-through brush, mowing a field, or taking down that half-collapsed shed, sound like a good time? Probably not. We have the equipment and experience to turn a multi-weekend slog into an easy few-hour project.


Safe & No Hassle

Clearing land, cutting brush, or hauling away an old outbuilding, isn't just physically tough. It can be dangerous. From unstable structures to poison ivy, there's plenty of ways to get hurt. Protect yourself, your property, and your family by having an expert team tackle it.

Simple Disposal

The problem with cleaning up your property is, well, you have a big pile of waste to deal with. Hauling it yourself is an expensive and time-consuming pain (no to mention the muscle pain). Let our professional team load, remove, and dispose of your yard waste.

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Restore Your Property

Clearing your land not only restores your enjoyment and use of the property, it gives you room to develop your green space. If you're thinking of selling, having a beautifully clean and clear property is sure to maximize curb appeal and land value.  

Look no further than CDP Excavating! We are completely satisfied with our inground pool removal. For such an intricate scope of work and weather conditions our business relationship with Jason and his team made this transition extremely smooth. Their expertise, confidence, fair price and down-to-earth attitude from start to finish are A #1! Our grass is growing nicely ... thanks Jason and Cathy!

Lynn Kalsuga | Central New York

Why Should You Work With Us?

Finding a quality contractor to help with your land clearing and cleanup shouldn't come with hassles, headaches, and heartbreak. We've helped hundreds of customers cleanup their land and bring life back to their property. Here's how we make it easy...

  • Local, family-run, and independently owned means you get good old-fashioned outstanding service

  • We listen to your needs and answer your questions, guiding you through the process

  • Integrity and honesty aren't marketing speak for us, they're essential core values

  • Deeply experienced with land clearing in Central New York, we know how to ensure your project goes off without a hitch

  • 100% committed to delivering unbelievably-good service to each and every one of our incredible customers (like you!)

Common Questions About Our Land Clearing Services

Have questions about our land clearing and cleanup services? Check out what other people have asked, and if you don't see you question here then get in touch with us!

  • Can you bury stumps or other materials from my cleared land?

    Technically, yes. But we don't recommend burying stumps or other materials as it can result in sinkholes, uneven ground, and other issues over the long-term. This might not seem like a big deal right now, but if you want to use the land for development in the future you'll be forced to remove the fill and deal with the stumps. The best solution is to have our team grind your stumps away to create a level surface.

  • Can you burn materials on my property to clear them?

    It depends on the property! Each municipality has different rules and permits that are required in order to perform a burn, in addition to federal permits that are required. These can be a hassle to obtain, so we recommend having our team grind or mulch your materials to clear the land. Not only is this easier than burning, you can use the resulting mulch to improve erosion control or decompose it for soil enhancement.

  • Can you work in wet or saturated areas?

    We can, but there are limits to how wet it can get before it's not practical to perform land clearing. The best way to find out if we can operate on your land is to get in touch and arrange a site visit from our friendly team!

  • How much will it cost to have my land cleared?

    This is a great question! Unfortunately we can't provide a single answer. The cost of your land clearing will depend on what needs to be cleared, size of the area, ground conditions, and other factors. The good news is we'd be happy to provide an estimate to you! Simply get in touch with us and describe your project, we'll help you determine what needs to happen and the cost.

  • Why should I trust CDP Excavating with my land clearing?

    Well, we hate to brag but our family-run company has been in business for over 17 years. We've proudly served Central New York with high-quality land clearing services for nearly two decades, and understand how to deal with the unique challenges our geography brings. If you're looking for a contractor who has attention to detail, commitment to the job, and is easy to deal with, give us a call!

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