Efficient Helical Pile Foundations In Central New York

Put a fast, efficient, economical foundation under your project that's more versatile than concrete or driven pile solutions

Structures We Provide Helical Pile Foundations For

From complete homes to solar energy installations, our experienced team is ready to install an accurate and efficient foundation for your residential and commercial projects


Seawalls & Retaining Walls


Solar Energy Installations


Battery Energy Storage


New Homes & Additions


New Cottages & Cabins


Foundation Remediation

What Is A Helical Pile And How Does It Work?

This nearly two-century old foundation is taking the construction world by storm as it unlocks speed and economy not possible with traditional concrete solutions


Components Of A Helical Pile

It may not look like it at first glance, but helical piles deliver incredible load capacities in a streamlined package that outperforms other foundations

  • 1

    Pile Cap

    The pile cap connects a helical pile to your structure. They come in a variety of designs to suit any project.

  • 2

    Pile Shaft

    A sturdy steel pipe forms the body of a helical pile and transfers loads down to the helix plates

  • 3

    Helix Plates

    These specially-formed plates are the magic behind a helical pile. Their shape helps turn the pile into the ground and anchor in firm soil

  • 4

    Pilot Point

    In order to accurately and cleanly penetrate dense ground, a slant-cut pilot point gives us power and precision

How A Helical Pile Works

Unlike concrete foundations which require ground disturbance to install or driven piles that create dangerous vibrations, a helical pile is installed silently and without digging

  • Pile Is Turned Into The Ground

    Much like a giant screw turning into wood, a helical pile is rotated into the ground using a special hydraulic drive. This eliminates excavation, ground disturbance, and noise

  • Torque Brings Accuracy

    Because we're rotating the piles into the ground, we can read the torque required to advance the pile. This torque can actually tell us how much weight the pile will hold, increasing the safety and accuracy of your foundation

  • Going Deeper Is Easy

    We can easily extend the length of a helical pile and turn it deeper into the ground by attaching no-weld extensions during installation. This allows us to reach supportive soil layers even in areas with muddy conditions and high water tables


Benefits To A Helical Pile Foundation

Why would you want to use helical piles instead of concrete or driven foundations in Central New York? There's a bundle of good reasons, here's some of the big ones

Fast And Efficient

Because helical piles smoothly turn into the ground at a constant rate with minimal equipment, they can be installed significantly faster than concrete


No Ground Disturbance

A typical concrete foundation demands a lot of excavation and disturbance to install. A helical pile needs no excavations and creates zero soil displacement, a clean solution 

Built For New York Soils

We see a huge variety of soil conditions in Central New York, from loose shifting sand to hard-packed clay. Helical piles provide consistent support in virtually any soil condition

Replaces Concrete

You can completely eliminate your need for a deep concrete foundation by switching to helical piles. They replace concrete and offer the same support in a much smaller package

Environmentally Friendly

Helical piles are made from 100% steel and require vastly less raw material than concrete. They emit fewer emissions, create zero site disturbance, and can be easily removed in the future.


First invented in the 1830's, helical piles are widely-used and approved by engineers for residential and commercial projects. In fact, there's a high-rise in New York City built on helical piles!

Look no further than CDP Excavating! We are completely satisfied with our inground pool removal. For such an intricate scope of work and weather conditions our business relationship with Jason and his team made this transition extremely smooth. Their expertise, confidence, fair price and down-to-earth attitude from start to finish are A #1! Our grass is growing nicely ... thanks Jason and Cathy!

Lynn Kalsuga | Central New York

Why Should You Work With Us?

Finding a quality helical pile foundation contractor shouldn't come with frustrations and migraines. We're ready to put your residential or commercial project on the most unshakeable support around. Here's why it's easy to work with us...

  • Local, family-run, and independently owned means you get good old-fashioned outstanding service

  • We listen to your needs and answer your questions, guiding you through the process

  • Integrity and honesty aren't marketing speak for us, they're essential core values

  • Trained in helical pile foundations for Central New York, we know how to ensure your project goes off without a hitch

  • 100% committed to delivering unbelievably-good service to each and every one of our incredible customers (like you!)


Common Questions About Our Helical Pile Foundation Services

Have questions about our demolition services? Check out what other people have asked, and if you don't see you question here then get in touch with us!

  • What structures can I put on a helical pile foundation?

    Truthfully, you can support nearly any structure on a helical pile foundation. They're used to support everything from small-scale residential projects to massive commercial or industrial construction.
    Here at CDP Excavating, we specialize in designing and installing helical pile foundations for:● Solar Energy Farms● New Homes & Additions● Retaining Walls

  • How do helical piles compare to concrete or driven foundations?

    On the whole, a helical pile foundation is often more efficient and economical to install.
    Concrete foundations often require fairly extensive excavation to prepare the ground. Then you need to bring in bulky equipment like mixing trucks, pumps, and more. Finally, you have to worry problems like excessive ground water or unexpected weather delaying the pour or cure time.
    Driven steel piles may not require excavation like concrete does, but they still come with their challenges. They create vibrations and noise during installation, you still need bulky equipment, and they may need to be driven to great depths in order to achieve the proper support.
    Helical piles, by comparison, have none of these problems. Instead of pouring concrete or pounding piles, we use a quiet hydraulic motor attached to an excavator to smoothly turn them down into the ground. Kind of like a massive screw into wood! The wide helix plates anchor firmly in the soil as the pressure exerted by the ground keeps the pile securely in place.
    The result is that a helical pile installation is nearly silent, causes no disturbance, doesn't damage your ground, and still delivers incredible strength.

  • Are helical piles a new technology?

    Not at all! They were first invented in the United Kingdom by a man called Alexander Mitchell in the 1830's. They became a common foundation solution for structures in difficult soils like lighthouses, bridges, and piers. Over nearly two centuries they've been studied, developed, and improved, transforming them into the revolutionary technology you see today.
    In fact, there's some structures here in the states that have been standing on helical piles for 150 years!

  • Do engineers in New York trust helical piles?

    Yes, and it's not just engineers in New York who are confident in the performance and benefits of helical pile foundations. You can find helical piles used across the entire world to support a staggering variety of structures. The technology has been extensively studied and is very well-understood by modern structural engineering.

  • How do you install a helical pile foundation?

    It's easy, get in touch with our team and tell us about your project to get started!
    Helical piles aren't a "DIY project", as you need special equipment and training to safely install a durable foundation. So, the best way for you to get a helical foundation is to connect with a team like ours. We'll help you identify your needs and design an efficient foundation plan to meet them.

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