Excavation Services for

Gravel & Concrete Pads in Central New York

A new gravel or concrete pad is a big investment, make sure you get the most of it by having your ground prepared by the experts

Gravel And Concrete Pad Preparation Services We Offer

Gravel Pad Preparation

Gravel pads make affordable parking spaces and outbuilding foundations, so long as the ground is ready. Poor-prep results in problems with standing water, soft sections, even loss of material. Avoid that nightmare with our expert gravel pad prep services.  


Concrete Pad Preparation

A smooth, level, well-drained surface for your concrete pad is hugely important if you want to protect against cracking and failure. Considering the cost of concrete these days, it pays dividends to work with expert earth-movers to prep your concrete pads. 

What To Know About Concrete & Gravel Pad Preparation

  • Water Is The Enemy

    When you're covering an area with gravel or concrete, drainage quickly becomes a critical consideration. Having a poorly-drained site can cause water to flow under your pad and erode support or sit in pools that cause damage.

  • Being Level Is Crucial

    If you want to end up with a nice, flat, well-drained pad, you need to build it on perfectly-level ground. Expert excavation companies use special tools to create accurately-graded surfaces, resulting in a truly-level foundation for your pad.

  • Soil Conditions Matter

    The soils in Central New York are diverse and dynamic, ranging from loose sands to hard-packed clay. Each unique composition demands a different approach to preparing your ground, from understanding how the water drains to long-term settlement.

  • DIY Can Be Difficult

    We're big champions of the DIY spirit, but preparing the ground for your gravel or concrete pad is one we think is best left to professionals. They have the tools, equipment, and experience to effectively work with your unique soil and site.

Why Choose Our Team?

We know you have many choices when it comes to gravel and concrete pad preparation in Central New York. Here's a few reasons to consider our friendly team for your excavation needs


We've operated out of Syracuse for over 17 years and have moved thousands of tons of earth. From tricky loose sands to saturated dense clay our team has seen, and overcome, it all.


Life, work, and play, we do it all here in Central New York. Locally owned, locally operated, locally focused. We're not just your foundation contractor, we might even be your next door neighbor.


From first phone call to leaving your site, our aim is to deliver friendly service the whole way through. Because you shouldn't have to deal with gruff and grumpy contractors.


Your project matters to our team. It's why going the extra mile and finding solutions is in our blood. No half-measures or leaving before the job is done right, we're committed to your success.

How Your Gravel Or Concrete Pad Preparation Works

Not sure what goes into having your ground prepared for a gravel or concrete pad? You're not alone! That's why we make the entire process simple and streamlined for you

  • 1

    Consultation & Assessment

    Your gravel or concrete pad project starts with a friendly consult to help us understand your needs. We'll explain all the steps along the way so you know exactly what to expect.

  • 2

    Planning & Preparation

    Once we know your needs, we'll create a clear plan on how to meet them. Everything is communicated to you before we do it, so you never feel out of the loop.

  • 3

    Work Time!

    On the day we're scheduled to perform the work, our crews will show up on-time and ready to go. Excavation might sound messy, but our experienced operators are dedicated to keeping your site clean and leaving nothing behind except an outstanding result.

"I chose CDP Excavating Services based on its ratings and am happy to provide my own review now. Jason, Greg, and the CDP crew performed well above my expectations. The price for the work was very reasonable, and they did a lot of hard work!"

Meg R. | Syracuse, NY

Let's Get Your Gravel Or Concrete Pad Project Started

Common Questions About Gravel & Concrete Pad Preparation in New York

Questions about gravel or concrete prep? We have answers below! Don't see your question? Get in touch and we'll be happy to help

Do you pour concrete pads or lay gravel?

We're happy to provide stellar site prep for your pad, but we do not install concrete or gravel. However we have relationships with excellent concrete and gravel pad companies in Central New York that do quality work, and would be happy to refer you!

How big of a pad are you able to prepare?

Any size! From outbuildings to large parking areas we have the equipment, experience, and dedication to deliver quality results. We work across Central New York and have the know-how to deal with the tricky soil conditions you're likely facing.

Can I just rent equipment and prep my own pad?

You certainly could, but we don't recommend it for a couple big reasons. Projects like gravel or concrete pads need to be built on perfectly-level and well-drained ground. This can be very difficult to achieve without the right knowledge, equipment, and tools.

Do I need to do any preparation before you visit?

Depending on the conditions on your site, you may need to move certain obstructions so we can safely navigate. We'll perform a site visit prior to beginning work which identifies any preparation you may need to do. In most cases, it's very minor and easy!

What happens if you find underground lines or pipes?

Before we do any excavation work our team checks for the locations of underground utilities. However, there are times where a utility may not be marked on drawings. If we discover any unmarked infrastructure, we'll immediately stop to resolve the situation before continuing.

How can I get a price quote for my project?

It's easy, simply get in touch with us using the contact form below! Describe your project and our team will get in touch with you to determine your needs. You'll receive a clear quote that details work to be done and the cost. We pride ourselves on accurate and honest quotes.

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